Barter Now

Save Cash

That’s the beauty of a Back2Barter. You simply exchange what you have for what you need. You only pay in kind for all your purchases with Back2Barter. Whatever exchange you do involves goods or some kind of services but there are no cash transactions.

Marketing Multiplier

Powered with the option of bartering your goods or services for media and advertising services, you can greatly enhance your marketing budgets. The same can then be used to reach new markets, new media vehicles that your cash budgets do not normally allow. Furthermore, the bartered products automatically result in acquisition of quality customers who go on to become regulars. In most cases, the future value of each customer itself justifies the barter transaction. Whichever way you look at it Back2Barter transactions lead to better value.

Boost your Sales

Your product is your new currency. Imagine paying your suppliers with your products/services instead of cash. That’s exactly what Back2Barter does for you. Everytime you purchase something, your sales increase by the same amount.

Generates Trials

Back2Barter is a great way to generate trials for your products/services. Back2Barter can ensure deliverance of your products to the right target group. All the same, you get your value exchange in terms of desired goods from Back2Barter in any case.

Your Excess Inventory is as good as Cash

Your excess or spare inventories are no longer a liability but as good as your liquid assets which you can easily trade for your requirements through Back2Barter.