Barter Now

Services against goods, services against services or goods against goods. You always, ‘Barter for Better’. And that’s very much true. Back2Barter is catching attention of a lot of corporates and making more sense to their business models and growth charts. In a typical Barter trade, you provide your goods or whatever services you may provide and in return get the goods or services that you require for your company. Typically, it’s an exchange of goods and services between two parties that does not involve any kind of monetary exchange. Back2Barter provides you a platform to structure and execute barter transactions tailor-made to your requirements.

For Example:

  • Company A manufactures electronic Gadgets.
  • Company A wants to advertise its products using various advertising media.

What Happens Now?

Company A approaches Back2Barter. Back2Barter structures a barter strategy for Company A and organize for it to advertise through Radio, Print, Outdoors and select TV Channels. In return, Company A gives Back2Bartrer electronic gadgets worth the same value. While the advertising media companies might have no requirement of these goods, the responsibility to fulfil their barter requirements for the media consumed by Company A lies with Back2Barter. Back2Barter’s compensation comes from a transaction fee paid by the transacting parties and is proportionate to the barter transaction values.

The Result?

Company A gets publicity for its products without denting its cash reserves. Moreover, they get a whole lot of new customers in the market who get Company A’s products through Back2Barter. And Apparently, a good product experience converts most of them into new repeat buyers of Company A.